Total Digital Management Practice

Some companies measure their marketing results by Sales ROI every day. We can help…

The Digital Advertising Ecosystem is complicated by silos that exist between advertising buying, websites, conversion mechanisms, and CRMs for complex sales processes. We break these silos down, and become a single source for sales accountability in digital business.

Marketing has been transformed by digital platforms, and it’s hard for business to catch up. Online advertising is accountable in a way never before available… we can literally create a string between an advertisement, a customer contact and a sale, and know exactly what motivated every transaction, and how much it cost to obtain. The consequences of this are profound:

  • New markets: We can open new kinds of markets and get an immediate measurement of their profitability
  • New appeals: We can test new creative inexpensively and rapidly. When they work, we can roll them out to other media.
  • Nurturing Processes: When people don’t immediately consummate a transaction, we can nurture them with continuous online contact through advertising, emails, letters, and calls
  • Profitability Grading: Since we know how we obtained each sale, we can grade each transaction for profitability, and develop methods to clone our most profitable transactions.

Opportunity is lost in these spaces because of the differing accountabilities in each part of the process:

  • Advertising Media: Is usually the province of an outside agency
  • Advertising Creative: Usually an outside designer working with client marketing
  • Website/Landing Page: Belongs to the client marketing department and IT
  • CRM and Conversion: Is usually an IT function, in conjunction with Customer/Client Services

As Total Digital Advisers, we break down the silos that exist around all digital marketing functions, and optimize all of them for actual business results.

Our service profile for Total Management Clients include:

  • Advertising Buying with sophisticated best of class decision support tools
  • Search Engine Optimization (organic) for top unpaid search results
  • Creative development and testing
  • Landing Page/Website development and testing
  • Conversion optimization and retargeting
  • CRM/database best practices and nurturing
  • Lead grading and offer differentiation

We are optimized specifically to work with companies in the $25-$200 million revenue range who are lead driven or transactional in nature. We do not offer incremental improvement. The clients we partner with are looking for and obtain order of magnitude improvements in measured return on their digital marketing expenses.