Digital Forensics Practice

We work with counsel to trace and identify the source of derogatory and defamatory content as well as IP theft

Anonymity is the digital playground of bad actors. But the Internet is only anonymous at the public facing level. Underneath, a wealth of tools help identify the sources of derogatory and defamatory online content.

Our Digital Forensics Practice is typically engaged in circumstances that include:

  1. Gadflys and Stalkers harassing clients online or as a gateway to physical harrassment
  2. Derogatory or defamatory speech on Wikipedia, review boards, comments, or other online environments
  3. Theft of client Intellectual Property (often creative works, like music)

We use a variety of tools and techniques to address these issues. Some are driven by technology, like online databases and proprietary search and discovery tools. But many of our fastest victories come from understanding how technology and human nature intersect. Often, our success comes not from use of a digital tool set, but from understanding how people use identity and anonymity online.

We frequently work closely with client legal counsel to write subpoena language most likely to disgorge usable identifying information, then use the results of subpoena production to trace the source. We have a long track record of success in this sphere of engagement. We have licensed private investigation and personal security resources at the world class level for follow-on work as needed. We have the tools, the team, and the experience to solve these problems delicately and decisively.

Everyone has the absolute right to an opinion, including a critical one. But when bad actors use the veil of anonymity to cross the border from opinion to defamation, or to harassment, we can help.