Crisis & Issues Practice

We don’t start unfair conflicts … we end them.

In digital insurrections, the upstart or outsider advocacy starts with significant advantage, because it is able to move quickly and decisively, based on large numbers of individual decision makers acting in concert.

In contrast, the target is often a large organization with unclear or diffuse decision making apparatuses, conflicting goal sets, and a perception of greater risk in varying from the status quo.

How Handy Is That’s Crisis and Issues Practice is laser focused on crisis communications and strategic issues management for high profile organizations and individuals.

The nature of crisis in business forces most companies to start from a defensive posture, which is an inherently weakened position. The turning point of a business crisis, in fact, is the moment when we are able to shift our communications focus from refuting the statements of others to offense, which is getting our own positive messaging into the marketplace of ideas. The devil, always, is in the details of where, when and how. This is when our decade plus of experience managing the digital communications process of companies and high profile individuals in life-changing crisis becomes invaluable.

Crisis may be organic (i.e. a product recall), or contrived (i.e. a Short Seller attack).

We may bear significant responsibility or be the victim of the agenda of others.

Finding resolution always starts by creating a neutral assessment of the circumstances, and bringing stakeholders together on a unified plan. In the early days of crisis, as much damage is done by misalignment among internal stakeholders as by media or organized opposition. Our first role is almost always to create an assessment and bring a strategy to rapid agreement. The outside world interprets silence as evidence of a guilty mind, and a silent organization paralyzed by internal indecision damages itself profoundly. We move rapidly to minimize inflicted damage and avoid pile on.

We act aggressively to counter inaccurate reporting, and use our network of relationships with media to develop accurate stories.

We monitor digital and social media worldwide to uncover new threats and counter them before they can reach critical mass.

We understand how search engines work, and use constantly changing techniques to keep our message on top.

Whatever you face, we’ve probably been there before. The sooner you make contact, the sooner we can start to help.