Litigation Support Case Study

We help clients win Civil and Criminal Cases

We provided expert testimony and strategic support that resulted in a recent seven figure jury verdict in favor of our client.

Our financial services client was losing business because of a confusingly similar domain name being used by a large, publicly traded competitor. Their marketing activity was diverting traffic and business away from our client. The case was complicated by a prior agreement between our client and the opposition, which we determined with counsel had been breached.

We worked with our client over a two year period to develop and deploy a balanced strategy to fix the problem. Our roles included:

  1. Attempting to reach a negotiated agreement prior to the initiation of litigation
  2. Consulting with inside and outside counsel to craft a litigation strategy as regards the technical and marketing issues at hand
  3. Crafting subpoena parameters to insure maximum and relevant production
  4. Interpreted the production to develop a valuation model for damages
  5. Worked with the client’s business valuation consultant to refine this model and his testimony
  6. Testified at trial as an expert witness ourselves

In most cases, a negotiated agreement is preferable to litigation. But we are tenacious and effective in protecting our clients’ interests, and we will not let them be bullied by anyone.

After a jury trial, our client was awarded a seven figure damages judgement.