Allen Roman

Project & SEO Practice Manager

My name is Allen Roman, and I manage the planning and execution of projects for How Handy is That. I have special experience in Organic Search Engine optimization, search keyword and competitive research, and, broadly scoped, complex project executions in a lot of different circumstances.

Working in a high intensity environment is not new to me. Before joining the How Handy is That team, I operated as a combat officer in the United States Army.  I served two tours of duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In unforgiving and extremely high stakes circumstances, I learned the importance of working effectively with people, defining tight goals, and executing perfectly to process. Our job was to get the mission done,  while thinking dynamically on our feet. It’s not that different today.

The discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources is what enables us to achieve the goals of our clients. I work closely with them to fully understand their business, and develop both short term and long term strategies to maximize their success. We operate as a professional service firm, rather than using the older agency business model. This aligns our goals with our clients, so that we win and lose by the same measures.

It is vital to have a strong online presence in today’s operating environment. People now use the term “Google” as a verb instead of “look this up”. Our search engine optimization practice, coupled with online marketing helps our clients achieve optimal representation on search engine result pages. Often, we only get one chance to reach someone who is searching online, and I help our clients win. Second page results may as well be last place results when it comes to search.

There’s a big difference between routine and commitment. Some people go through the same routine over and over in life, and may even get better at that same routine. But there are fewer people (and businesses) that commit to finding and achieving the next level. My philosophy will always be to strive to get our clients there.

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