Brian Glicklich


My name is Brian Glicklich, and I advise Fortune 100 CEOs, Media CEOS, Broadcasters and other high impact business leaders on digital strategy and execution, especially when faced with serious or contentious issues. I started How Handy Is That in 2006 to work on a number of high stakes proxy and litigation fights in which I had been engaged to consult on strategy and execution.

Even in the largest businesses, crisis is personal. The stakes are invariably high, and emotions run hot. There is usually a “fog of war” as various constituencies within the business try to assert their ideas. Business leadership is often paralyzed, because they are operating in a realm outside of their experience. Usually, I am not called until my (soon to be) client has fallen well behind the opposition, and they recognize that experienced help is needed. They are often frustrated that a narrative has been established, and they can’t get their side of the story covered fairly.

It is not an exaggeration to say that I have advised clients when the outcome is a matter of business survival. I have advised high profile individuals under threat of criminal litigation, or who have already been indicted and are facing trial. I have advised clients who were threatened by stalkers, and who’s personal information (including their children) had been published online. I have advised brands facing organized boycotts by special interests, and industries facing regulation that would harm them profoundly, simply to benefit other interests.

I operate with a small staff of highly experienced, best-of-class professionals, and I have direct access to many, many others.

I’m not the person to call when you want to tickle someone with a feather. I’m the person to call when losing is simply not an option.

I also operate a general broadcast talent management and advisory business with Kraig Kitchin, SoundMind LLC. We work with the world’s most talented broadcasters across the entire scope of their on-air presence and operations.

My general philosophy is to advise a relatively small number of clients… and engage with a high level of direct and personal input. I am deeply involved with the business of every one of my clients.

In the past, I created and led the digital division of Premiere Radio Networks as SVP, creating the first digital businesses for a diverse group of broadcasters including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and a number of others. I’ve also spent time at CBS and a couple of other broadcast organizations.

I am a Board of Directors Member or Advisory Board Member for a number of digital businesses, and every once in a while I speak… on a wide range of topics. If you’d like to talk, I can be called at 818-444-7160, or you can email me here.

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