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A Note to My Clients & Friends:

Dear Clients and Friends:

You may have noticed statements being made about me recently on Twitter and in various blog postings, some of which are quite vicious. A group of activists who oppose the views of one of my clients has chosen to attack my family and me personally. They do this using what they believe to be anonymous social media tactics incorporating deception and fabrication.

Unlike many prominent victims, I am not famous and do not have a platform to refute the onslaught of these internet activists, especially since they acted to cause a suspension of my Twitter account. Their claims are false and are being done to discredit me personally, because they disagree politically with one of my clients.

I am working with Twitter to get my account unsuspended and will then resume my normal activity there. Until such time, please visit me at facebook.com/BrianGlicklich, and my website. And clients and friends are always welcome to contact me directly.




A Copy of this letter is available in pdf form here.



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Brian Glicklich


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-Defamation & Reputation Defense
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-Organized Opposition-Brand Boycott Defense
-Media Correction (News, Blog, Wikipedia)
-Domain Acquisition
-Merger/Acquisition Communications
-Short Sellers Defense
-Labor/Management Communications
-Bankruptcy Reorganization Communications
-Criminal & Civil Litigation Communications
-Digital Lobbying & Advocacy/Grassroots and Organized


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