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How Handy Is That is a tightly focused professional services firm providing the full spectrum of digital services to high profile individuals and businesses worldwide.

Our Crisis and Issues Practice develops strategies and tactical implementations for all forms of business and personal crisis in high visibility and high stakes circumstances. We assist in achieving client objectives successfully in both Civil and Criminal Litigation, tough Labor-Management conflicts, Brand Boycotts, Legislative Advocacy, Proxy Contests, and serious Reputation Issues that put entire businesses at risk.

Our Digital Forensics Practice helps counsel craft subpoenas and interpret their results, trace gadflys and stalkers online, locate the sources of Intellectual Property theft, and create remediation strategies for all of these situations.

Possibly our greatest strength is related to our Online Reputation and Search Engine Practice. We have over a decade of success in these issues, including Search Engine Mitigation, Wikipedia,  Facebook & Twitter (and other Social Media), Online Reviews, Defamatory Posts/Comments,  and other areas at the intersection where free speech and lawful speech (often uneasily) meet.

Finally, we also operate a World Class Total Digital Marketing Management Practice. We assist very high impact business clients in developing their entire digital marketing ecosystem, including advertising, creative messaging, landing page and database operation, CRM integration, and conversion metrics. We provide end-to-end accountability for every component of client marketing businesses.

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“I’m not the person to call when you want to tickle someone with a feather. I’m the person to call when losing is simply not an option.”


Areas of Engagement:

-Defamation & Reputation Defense
-Gadflys & Stalkers- Tracing and remediation
-Organized Opposition-Brand Boycott Defense
-Media Correction (News, Blog, Wikipedia)
-Domain Acquisition
-Merger/Acquisition Communications
-Short Sellers Defense
-Labor/Management Communications
-Bankruptcy Reorganization Communications
-Criminal & Civil Litigation Communications
-Digital Lobbying & Advocacy/Grassroots and Organized


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